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Why Visit

1) The Experience - Admission is $5 per person or $10 for a family.  The Visitor enters through the original bell town atrium and into the main Church Chancel.  The display area has up to 10 theme Modules. each featuring a single subject with 3 or more pictures of the collection.  This viewing area has the original Church pews for seating while viewing.

2) View the collection - The Collection has selected themes, such as "Snow Slides," "Famous Women" "Parade Cars and Floats" "Underground Mining" and "Portraits."  Each of these themes is represented by several 36" x 48" reprints of the digitized picture set into a "Module" format.  Each Module has written descriptions of the images, along with some of the "discoveries" when printed in a large format.

3) The Portrait Collection - Unique to the Museum is direct access to the 33,000 portraits mostly by Nellie Stockbridge.  Because the images are fully indexed, a visitor can search for the names of family relatives who may have had their portrait taken when they worked in the Coeur d" Alene Mining District.  Each image has the name of the person, the job title, and the mine name for the men, and the clothing styles, hat and dress for the women.  If the visitor finds a portrait that needs to be reproduced, the Museum will create an 8" x 10" copy for a fee. 

4) Photography 101 - Starting in 2020, the Museum will be offering classes for both adults and children on various aspects of photography, such as "Composition", "Camera Basics," and "Photo Display."

5) Docents - Twice each day, a Docent will be guiding the Visitor through the exhibit area to explain more of the "discoveries" that have become such a unique attraction to the Museum.  Learn more about the skill of portrait photography, and why some are now identifying Nellie Stockbridge as the best Portrait Photographer of the 20th Century.

6) Time Commitment - For viewing only the Module area, plan on at least an hour.  If there is a desire to search for family Portraits, the Visitor should plan for at least another 30 minutes.

7) Hours of Operation -May 15th through Oct. 1st Daily 9-4pm.

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