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The Building

1) Location - The Museum building is located on the West side of the Historic Downtown District of Wallace, Idaho at the corner of Cedar Street and 4th Street.  The mailing address is 312 4 th Street, Wallace, ID 83873.  This location is considered to be the "gateway" entrance to the Historic Home District of Wallace by walking West on Cedar Street.

2) Holy Trinity Episcopal Church - The Museum building was built as an Episcopal Church with the title "Holy Trinity Episcopal Church."  The church was founded in Wallace in 1888 and the current brick building opened in 1910.  In 2018 the Church closed due to lack of congregants.

3) The Architect - The building was designed by the renowned Spokane architect Kirtland Cutter, who also designed the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA and the Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park, MT.

4) The Building - The exterior has a distinctive bell tower with bells still in operation.  All outer walls are made from red brick, made partially with those with "lava flow"edges extending from the smooth walls.  The interior design fetures a long nave chancel section with arch beam ceiling supports.  This is the area where the photography collection is on display.  At the north end of the building  is an elevated altre section with the original wooden "back alter" feature sill fully visible.  There is a full basement.  The building is ADA compliant with an elevator going from street level up to the main floor and down to the basement.

5) Episcopal Diocese - The Church building remains owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, WA and is rented to the Barnard - Stockbridge Museum under terms that the Museum is responsible for all expenses when occupying the building.

6) Future - The Church building was blessed at the time of its closing "with hope that the Church building continues to be a source of love and peace with it, a way to stay relevant in the lives of persons living in Wallace."  The opening of the Museum has fulfilled that blessing.

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